LA Heroines Project 1

Tampons and pads are frequently classified as ‘non-essential luxury’ items. That means they’re not covered by government- assistance programs like SNAP (food stamps) and are taxed in 40 states—putting them completely out of reach for women with limited funds. Despite the fact that menstruation is an unavoidable, biological reality for half the population—these products aren’t seen for what they are: a NECESSITY.
— Anita Little

The #FEMMEssentials Project

The LA Heroines strive to raise awareness about the essential role that feminine hygiene plays in a woman's life.

For billions of girls and women around the world, menstruation is a monthly reality -- not an option. However, due to social taboos and stigmas surrounding menstruation, this natural process is a topic that is often avoided. This especially affects disadvantaged communities, where resources are limited. Several homeless shelters do not have enough tampons and pads to distribute because supporters don't often think to donate them. Therefore, homeless women lack access to sanitation products -- forcing them to use improvised materials such as rags and toilet paper -- and are faced with serious challenges to stay clean and free from infections.

The LA Heroines aim to improve women's health and dignity by providing menstrual hygiene kits - via #FEMMEssentials - to LA shelters and organizations.

Every woman's ability to exercise proper feminine hygiene is extremely vital in building confidence and supporting one's well-being. This project is to ensure that sanitary pads, tampons, and wipes are more readily available to homeless girls and women in order to allow them a sense of dignity at a time they need it most.


To donate sanitary pads, tampons, and feminine wipes, please email for more information.